About Us - Kimberly & Kamri

We see you praying over your children, accessing your faith to build a better life for you and your family. We know that securing your family financially is not only important to your household; but an expression of allegiance to your lineage. This not only empowers us to provide sustainable income for you and your family, but to do it in a way that honors each and every family member, even your pets.

We exist because we share the same values, & hold the same things sacred.

Here at The Cotton Kandy Factory, we are a family owned Corporation, founded by mother/daughter during the 2020 pandemic, (April, 2020). We hold the same passion as your family for sovereignty along with a happy, fulfilling life through utilizing our innate gifts and talents to grow our business.

Since our inception, we have gained a number of wholesale clients, sold webinars on how to start your own Cotton Kandy business and a franchise.

It is our promise to you to deliver high quality Cotton Kandy and if you choose to partner with us, we will walk along side your Cotton Kandy journey. With your commitment to embrace the rapid changes in our environment and climate with passion and resiliency, you can build a fun and exciting business while generating a nice income for your family.

Together, we can grow beautifully,

The Cotton Kandy Factory Crew